Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Dirt Bike Review

The MX650 is Razor's largest, top of the line electric dirt bike. It has the size and performance to handle whatever you'll throw at it, but in a more affordable and FAR quieter package than similarly sized gasoline-powered dirt bikes. Your neighbors will be thankful!

As with most Razor electric products, the official age ranking is usually higher than the reality of most actual users. Razor officially (probably for legal reasons, who knows) says this is for 16+ yr olds. And given the 17 mph top speed and 220 lb weight limit, this bike can certainly handle riders that size. But a properly trained and equipped younger rider could handle this as well.

As always, use your judgment, wear all appropriate safety gear, read the instructions, and supervise youngsters. Remember – this is a real mini-motorcycle.

Two of the big advantages of an electric model – besides a lower price – are a fast but reasonable maximum speed and a noise level acceptable for suburbia. But this is still a machine that requires respect. Treat it with that respect and it will reward you.

Features of the Razor MX650 Dirt Bike

* High torque 650 watt motor generates more power for uphill and off-road conditions

* Dual suspension and riser handlebars for a smooth and comfortable ride

* Hand operated front and rear disc brakes for maximum stopping power

* Authentic dirt bike frame geometry with folding foot pegs and double crown fork

* Up to 40 minutes or approx. 10 miles of continuous use

* Geared for dirt with large 16″ and 14″ pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer

* Padded seat and Supercross-inspired design

* Three 12V batteries (most Razor electrics have two) for power when you need it

* Shatter-resistant plastic fairings and fenders

* Quiet variable-speed, chain-driven motor

Other Specifications

* Product Weight: 106 lbs

* Assembled Product Dimensions: 56″ x 24.5″ x 36″

* 36V (3 12V) sealed lead acid battery system

* Rechargeable UL approved battery and charger included

* Minor assembly required, tools included

The Razor MX650 is indeed a full-featured, full-powered electric mini-motorcycle. This electric dirt bike is perfect for those who want to enjoy an authentic dirt bike experience without breaking the bank – or waking up the entire neighborhood. Pre-teens that are ready, teens, and even the occasional adult will be the king of the dirt hill on the MX650.


The Razor MX650 is a full-featured mini-motorcycle that can be a great first dirt bike for younger riders ready for the challenge as well as a fun bike for older kids and teens. It has plenty of power and is a legitimate off-road motorbike, but it's more affordable and MUCH quieter than larger gas-powered bikes. If your child is ready for a real bike, consider the MX650.

Source by Sam F.