Have you noticed that things are a little less than excited lately downstairs? Is sex not feeling as intense as it used to and is self-pleasure taking longer? If so, don't panic quite yet. It's common for men to experience reduced penis sensitivity for a lot of reasons. However, most men don't know why they're losing sensitivity and how they can go about getting it back. Here are some of the most common reasons men experience loss of sensation, as well as tips for restoring the feeling down there.

1) “Death Grip” – This cause is entirely preventable! Some men use what's considered a “death grip” when they pleasure themselves, leading to a heightened orgasm temporarily, but over the long-term, the penis requires more and more tension for excitement.

How to Fix It: Go on a self-pleasure sabbatical. The penis needs to be returned to Sensitivity Level 1. Reduce attention to the genitals until they regain their sensitivity. It may be a few days or weeks, depending on how intense the death grip was, but soon the penis will regain sensitivity.

2) Drinking – It's called Whisky Dick for a reason. While it's a crude term, it does reflect what too much drinking can do to the penis: leave it de-sensitized and unable to achieve orgasm, leading to feelings of embarrassment and dissatisfaction.

How to Fix It: It's a simple solution; when a man wants to have a hot and heavy romp, he should minimize alcohol consumption. Plain and simple, he just has to choose between sex and scotch.

3) Low Testosterone – Low Testosterone or “Low T” can be responsible for not only low libido but also for reduces sensitivity to arousal.

How to Fix It: Men who believe Low Testosterone may be to blame should have their testosterone levels checked by their physician, and upon receiving the results, choose a treatment plan to address the issue if diagnosed.

4) Aging – Unfortunately, with the wisdom of age, also comes the loss of penile sensitivity. This results from less blood flow getting to the penis, which means less sensitivity. Also, over the years, the penis is desensitized by regular touch either from the owner or partners.

How to Fix It: No one can stop aging, but it is possible to lessen the effects of aging. Men should pay special attention to diet, fitness, and health tests as they age to keep their pumps primed for sexual activity. Also, trying different positions and scenarios has also been known to increase penile sensitivity because it's something different.

5) Friction – Friction from too much sex or from too tight clothing can cause the penis to not only lose sensitivity but also roughen up a bit. That tough layer of skin that forms as a result of all the friction reduces penis sensitivity in a big way.

How to Fix It: First and foremost, reduce friction. If it's due to sex, use a lube or reduce the intensity or number of sexual escapades. If it is due to rough or too tight clothing, switch to milder detergents or wear looser clothing.

After taking care of the underlying cause, take special care in bringing the penile skin back to its previous soft and smooth state. Cleanse the penis with a gentle soap or cleanser and after cleansing, use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) on the area. Be sure that the crème has a natural base, Shea butter and vitamin E for example, in order to deliver high-quality emollients to the skin in the most natural way possible. A crème with L-Carnitine is also beneficial because it is an amino acid that not only protects from peripheral nerve damage but also promotes penis sensitivity and well-being.

Source by John Dugan