Curved penis is caused either by injury, disease or due to bad habits which are abusive to the organ, this condition can be resolved naturally and safely as straight penis is necessary for proper and pleasurable lovemaking activity. Minor bend in male organ is normal and is found in over 50% of males, such a minor bend does not cause any problem at all and most of the times it can go away on its own. Even a bigger curve does not pose any threat to over all health but can be very problematic during intercourse as penetrating a woman becomes difficult and sometimes impossible. Some people experience lot of pain during erection due to curved or bent penis.

Peyronie's disease is known to cause curved penis though reasons of this disease are known even today. This disease can form a plaque, which is a collection of dead tissues, which become hard and does not absorb blood during erection when blood is absorbed by other parts of the erectile tissues, these tissue remain blood less does not enlarge to cause a bend in the male organ. Such tissues can also be created by over masturbation, injuries or bending of male organ during erection by tight or restrictive clothing etc.

There are many devices in the market which are promoted by a claim to straighten the curved penis naturally and safely within few days and without side effects, however the technique which these devices adopt does not appear completely harmless to the organ and chances are that a person might aggravate his problem while trying to cure it. Natural methods involve uplifting the process of the body to provide proper erection naturally. This can be achieved by massage and using herbal supplements designed for strengthening nerves and tissues of the male organ. These herbal supplements along with massage improve the body's capacity to cure the problem naturally and safely.

Massaging the male organ with proper techniques like jelquing and ballooning improve blood flow, these massages dilate the veins carrying blood to the male organ and in the male organ, also massage can dilate the erectile tissues in the male organ and allow them to absorb more blood and hold it longer during the massage session. The absorption and holding of excess blood helps the body to break the collection of dead tissues and dissolve it naturally and safely to cure the problem. Once these tissues are dissolved fresh tissues and cells take their place to give a straight male organ during erection.

If one uses herbal oils like Mast Mood oil as lubricant during massage then results can be achieved in a much shorter duration. The herbal supplements have herbs and natural substances to promote blood flow and absorption of more blood by the tissues of penis by dilating them. These herbal oils also have herbs which can improve endurance of a male to hold his erection for longer duration thereby giving body more time to dissolve the tissues and straighten the curved male organ. Massage and use of herbal oils provide natural and safe method to straighten the curved penis in a short duration and also helps in curing the ill effects of bad habits or injuries caused to the organ in the past.

Source by Anna Patrick