Although our culture's emphasis on penis size is perhaps overly pronounced, the fact is that men have generally prized a large endowment for eons. Having a small penis doesn't impact one's penis health, but it can often be a source of social or psychological discomfort. But not every man with a small penis feels unfairly treated. Some men have even found advantages in having a small penis.

Personal story

Jack C. is one such man who is willing to share what he sees as the advantages of a shorter-than usual penis. Jack puts the lie to the myth that you can tell how big a man's penis is from other physical factors. Jack is 6'2″ tall, has very large hands and wears a size 11 ½ shoe – all of which, according to old wives' tales, should mean he is blessed in the penis size department.

Instead, Jack has a penis that measures about 1 ½” when flaccid and about 3 ½” when erect. “It looks even smaller than that,” he says, “because the rest of me is so big that it looks disproportionately small.”

There have been times when Jack has wished for a bigger penis, but by and large he's been perfectly happy with what he has. He doesn't feel self-conscious around other men because they rarely have an opportunity to see him when he's erect. “If I'm in the gym shower or the sauna, I'm soft, so someone looking at me would just assume I was a grower instead of a shower,” Jack explains.


And as far as women go, it can sometimes be a plus.

“When a woman first sees my little guy, they may be disappointed,” he says, “but that also lowers their expectations – and so they're surprised when they find how well I'm able to use my small penis to give them pleasure.” Jack credits having to make an extra effort to overcome his shortcomings with making him a much better and more attentive lover in bed. “I've had no complaints from my partners,” he says proudly.

“I generally can sustain my erection for a decently long time,” he adds. “But I'm also not so hung up on that. If I ejaculate earlier than planned, I'm happy to use other parts of my body to bring about my mate's pleasure.” He thinks that many men with bigger penises get too hung up on using only the penis itself to bring about an orgasm – and that can make a guy feel bad when he fails.

Jack has also been spared a lot of embarrassment related to visible erections at inopportune times. “I've given speeches or presentations where I was hard for the entire time – but no one could tell. That actually works to my advantage – I feel manly and powerful knowing that I'm hard in front of all these people and they don't know it.”

It even makes a difference when traveling long distances. A lot of men complain about needing to shift their packages around when flying or driving for several hours. Jack says there's always room for his member to move around.

Jack has a healthy attitude toward his small penis that enables him to find the advantages in its size. He also knows the importance of good penis care. Regular use of a top drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help with that. The best cremes are going to provide a wide range of vitamins, like A, B5, C, D and E, which benefit from topical application to the penis. In addition, look for a creme with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid which can help keep penis skin healthier and stronger.

Source by John Dugan