I've used Norelco shavers for many years and specifically, a Norelco Model 9160XL for the past 5 years. The on/off switch is becoming balky so I started the look for a replacement and ended up using the SmartTouch Contour System Shaver, Philips Norelco speed XL electric 8270XL. I need this model so it would have a base for charging. It arrived uncharged but took much less than an hour to fully cost.

You will find blue LEDs flashing as it charges and they stay solid individually as the cost completes. The shaver stands solid within the base and you'll be able to connect the charging cord directly towards the shaver and bypass the bottom if desired. This may be an alternative for traveling so the base might be left at house. The bottom is neither large nor heavy.

The features of Norelco 8270XL essential to my opinion are: floating heads that fit face contours, rinseable shaving head/whisker compartment plus a stand that's light to pack when traveling and permits the razor to sit out using the head available to dry.

The shaver is significantly quieter compared to Norelco I utilized way back. It did a good job, even for your very first shave. It took much less time than shaving with shaving cream plus a razor. There isn't any way this can shave close sufficient to really feel like a blade shave but it looks great sufficient to pass for a blade shave. I really feel some unshaven hairs under my chin but regardless how significantly time I spent with saving cream plus a blade I would have unshaven hairs then too.

The shaver is comfortable to hold, light, and quiet. Norelco recommends replacing the blades each year and price is only $17 that seems reasonable. The package incorporated a travel situation which fits only the razor but not the cost cord or base. The situation is nicely designed with a tough shell to protect the razor somewhere plus a soft zippered back. A little cleaning brush is incorporated.

1 special feature of your new shaver is that water runs correct via the razor whenever you rinse the whisker compartment. There's two little outlets, 1 every side, near the bottom from the shaver. Plus water runs correct out by the recharging connection. In effect, you flush the whiskers correct via it and down the sink and that's a nice idea. The stand includes a little hole so any residual water can drain via and won't collect within the recharging nicely from the stand

Anyway, towards the meat of points. this razor has exceeded all my expectations, and is considerably much better than my old Norelco. It is rather quiet, and cuts really close. Most likely a direct result the speed XL heads. Nearly competitive with a blade. My old 1 was never that quiet, and I can't recall it ever cutting as close as this new 1. This model has 5 LED's that indicate state of cost, plus a an additional low battery LED. The sides of this razor have a rubber textured area that makes this really simple to hang onto. Besides the floating heads that Norelco had had for several years, there is really a pivot that permits the entire head assembly to “rock” a little, keeping it close to the skin as you move around. The head assembly opens very easily and includes a metal hinge that keeps it connected to the razor physique. That hinge uses a spring clip to attach towards the razor. You are able to remove the head totally for a a lot more thorough cleaning if you would like, which is less difficult than leaving it on the physique. Obtaining that clip back in place is some a pain however is not terrible. Overall, I am really pleased with this model. Philips Norelco speed XL electric 8270XL got everything I needed without having points I didn't want. I would recommend this model to anybody!

Source by Thielen D Plummer