There's a theory that if you exercise aerobically for a minimum of 20 minutes in the morning, you raise your metabolic rate for the entire day. Since I'm most adamantly not a morning person I'll never know if this works for me or not.

However, there is one exercise I perform regularly every morning to raise my energy for the day. It's easy to do, takes only a few minutes, no special gear is required, and you don't have to work up a sweat or be concerned about straining muscles or hurting other body parts. Best of all it can be performed while still laying in bed.

Like aerobics, this exercise sets your energy to a higher level, but in this case it's emotional energy. Your higher emotional energy then supports you during the day so you react and respond to events that come at you in a positive, efficient, and effective manner.

As you may know from reading my past article, How Fear Makes You Stupid, any form of fear, from mild stress to high anxiety to intense terror, affects how your brain functions. When you're feeling fear to any degree, all brain activity is halted except for that in the brain stem, which is where your Fight or Flight response is stored. In other words, all logic and reasoning is halted when you're feeling any type of fear to any degree. This results in your being able to think of only two things – running away from the cause of your discomfort or fighting it. Neither of these options will solve the problem and, in fact, only cause it to linger and often to grow even larger.

Imagine, then, how you'll respond more effectively and positively to any challenges that come at you during the day because you did an exercise in the morning to raise your emotional energy and now you're feeling emotions far above those that are in the range of fear.

I call this simple yet amazing exercise Gobs of Gratitude.

Here's how you do it: Think of something that you're grateful for. As you think of something, say out loud “I'm grateful for ____________”. Repeat this a total of ten times. Whatever you're grateful for doesn't need to be monumental. For example, here's what I was grateful for this morning:

  • Warm flannel sheets
  • My new bunny slippers
  • Organic olive oil which I use for moisturizing my skin
  • Being retired so I can get up when I want
  • The furnace that keeps our house warm and cozy
  • Non-fluoridated water to drink
  • The squirrels in the back yard that are so entertaining
  • Hot Licorice Root tea
  • My two loving cats
  • The sound of rain on the roof

That's it. Easy peasy. So simple and yet so very powerful.

Try it for a few days and notice the difference in how you feel and thus how you respond to people and events during the day. When and if you feel your emotional energy rate dropping, just say three or more Gobs of Gratitude to revitalize your emotional energy.

Source by Kathy Wilson