It is not just your face that speaks for you, it is your body language and how you carry yourself. A lady may appear very attractive until she sits in a weird manner, or say some illicit stuff that damages the look you perceived about her. Personal grooming, especially for Seattle models, is quite necessary as they are to represent their homeland. There are many Seattle modeling schools that not only educate you to walk on the ramp but also give you proper personal grooming lessons that will make you an impressive person as a whole.

Personal grooming for women is equally important as it is to men. How to sit, how to speak, when to speak, what to speak, may all seem basics, but hold a lot of importance especially when you are stepping in the professional world.

• The primary thing is to look clean. This is the basic step of your grooming. Have your nails neatly manicured. Avoid wearing showy nail colors that are too bright or catchy. Keep your ears and body clean.

• Wear a perfume but do not spill the whole bottle over you. Too much of a perfume may be annoying to the people around you. Also, you must take care not to wear heavily scented products when you are in a business meeting.

• Makeup should be simple and light for formal workplaces. However, no makeup will also be considered as an unethical act. Wear makeup that is not too little and neither too heavy. Do not wear too much lipstick that it spreads on the napkin or the glass when you take a sip of water.

• You must also not wear a lot of jewelry. Jewelry that is noisy and too large would annoy people around a serious discussion. Wear simple jewelry and avoid dangling earrings, large bracelets etc.

• Your hairstyle must also be simple. A showy dye will never do! Hair dyes that are nearer to natural hair colors work best. Avoid blue, bubble pink etc. When you are at work, tie your hair and move them away from your face.

• Normally when you are at work, you need to dress up appropriately. It is unethical at a workplace to show your cleavage, back or stomach. At work, with corporate people around, you should dress up rather conservatively.

• Self grooming also involves how you eat. Dining manners lay a great impact on people around you about how educated you are. Put the napkin on your lap instead of your collar. Make minimum noise with the utensils while you are eating.

• As for shoes, heels work best. They give you a chic and a complete lady-like look. However, you must first know how to walk in high heeled shoes. First practice walking in high heeled shoes around the house.

• Lastly, you need to keep a few basics in your consideration. Use a mouthwash or see a dentist if you have a bad breath. Do not eat a lot at dinner or lunch parties even if you have a huge diet. Make use of the basic courtesy words, ‘sorry', ‘thank you' and ‘please'.

Source by Connor R Sullivan