In this article you will learn 3 tips for sexually escalating on the dance floor and on a first date. Seducing a woman then becomes a lot easier.

Sexual escalation is one of the most important techniques to seduce a woman. If you don't do this, you'll be in the friend zone. So pay attention!

Have you ever had intimate relations with a woman without touching her?

No, I didn't think so either. You must touch her to arouse sexual attraction. We call the art of wining her through touch: Sexual escalation.

So what is a sexual escalation in women?

It means that you progressively lead the conversation to something more intimate.

For example, from a chat with a woman in a club to kissing.

Or from a first date to your bedroom.

It ensures that you really seduce a woman. And that you don't end up in that infamous friendzone.

What is the purpose of sexual escalation?

  • That she knows that you like her;
  • That she knows that if she stays with you longer, she will be tempted;
  • That she is comfortable with your touches;
  • That she gets excited.

Imagine that you are on a date with a woman…

You don't touch her. You do not show that you like her.

Then from scratch… BOEM… now you try to kiss her.

That woman then thinks: “Where does this come from?”

You do not show that you like her – but you suddenly try to kiss her? It is an uncomfortable situation.

Nobody wants that.

How does sexual escalation work?

As you can see above, there are 4 goals of sexual escalation. They are all aimed at seducing a woman and getting her into bed.

You can sexually escalate in two ways:

  1. Verbal (Verbal escalate);
  2. Physical (Physical escalation).

I'll give you examples later, but first I want to tell you something about the speed with which you work towards seducing her.

How quickly do you want to escalate sexually for the optimum effect?

Why do you hammer like that at that speed? Well, many men hit huge flatters in this. They try to move from shaking hands to fingering in 2 minutes. Or even worse, it takes 3 years to show their intentions.

Good luck with that, but if you want to sleep with her, there are better ways.

Look, it's just like you want to cook a frog in a pan of water.

You can do 2 things:

  1. You can boil the water first and then put the frog in it – after which it jumps out immediately;
  2. Or you can put the frog in the cold water and warm it up slowly – so the frog stays in it quietly until it's too late.

You want to seduce a woman in the same way, of course without the boiling water.

Verbal Escalate

Escalating verbally is to seduce a woman with words. Your goals here:

That she knows that you like her;

That she knows that if she stays with you longer she will be seduced.

You do this by letting her know you like her… simple, right?

It is often difficult enough.

Many men take it ‘easy' on the first date – never to get a second date. It is important that you are not too nice to women. If women hate one thing, it is men who treat them like princesses.

So dare to take risks. You don't seduce a woman by being sweet.

Examples of verbal escalation at the start of the interaction:

On a date:

“You have put on a nice dress… and especially for me”

If you are late on a date and she says something about it:

“Serious?! You will complain that I am 15 minutes late, while I have been waiting for you all my life?! “

If she apologizes for something:

“Doesn't matter… I would still do that to you… “

Important: All sentences must be said with a small grin on your face. So it's half funny / half-serious.

This ensures that she does not know exactly how to interpret it. For example, she half thinks you're making fun of her (which no other man dares). On the other hand, she thinks you mean it, so she knows that you like her and that you are going to seduce her.

Physical Escalate

Physical escalation is sexual escalation with touch.

This is even more important than verbal for the following reason:

Touching is naming and scientifically proven way to seduce women.

How do you seduce a woman with physical escalation?

Again it is important that you do not throw the frog in a pan with boiling water…

Build it up quietly. Make sure you are calm and do not appear tense. Body language is important for that.

Important about physical escalation is that you pay attention to the different zones of a female body.

There are roughly 2 to distinguish:

1. Friendly zones

These are places where normal people can touch her. Think of her shoulder or arm.

2. Intimate zones

These are places you would only touch someone if you are attracted to that person. Think of her lower back, neck or caressing her hand.

Important: Do not be a creep

Pay attention! If a woman does not want you to touch her somewhere, then immediately cut it. If you continue and force something, it is first of all against her will. Secondly, she is afraid of you now because you are going too fast.

The correct way to solve this is by immediately taking your hand away and stopping what you do if you find it uncomfortable. In the meantime, continue talking and try again in 5 minutes.

Examples of physical escalation at the beginning

– Give her a high five.

– Shake hands. Make sure you turn your hand slightly with the palm facing up so that she can give a typical woman's hand.

– Touch the inside of her elbow and pull her towards you.

– Push her away against her shoulder.

Examples of physical escalation in intimate places

Now that you have touched her with some friendly touches, we move on to some intimate places.

Because it is different in different situations, I give you an example for a first date and on the dance floor.

Example: Seducing a woman on the dance floor

Grab her hands. You now have both hands and you can move up and down with your hands.

Now that you are standing with her hands, you can dance a little more with her. Sometimes turn her around, pull her against you.

Now you can kiss her.

Clearly? Beautiful.

Then we continue now…

Example: Seduce a woman on the first date

The situation is slightly different on the first date. No flickering lights, screaming girlfriends and no sweet white wine (at least not yet).

Let's move on. What you need to know about seducing a woman on the first date is that you should not be too careful with physical escalation.

She shows up for the date, so she already likes you. She already finds you attractive. If she wasn't interested, she wouldn't be sitting in front of you.

  1. Start again with a superficial touch. A box or high five is the easiest;
  2. Point to her hands and say, “I really love those cute little hands,” now hold them together and compare them;
  3. Put her hands down again and continue talking. You can now gently and quietly caress one of her hands;
  4. Gently go from her hand up to her elbow, shoulder neck;
  5. Massage her neck a little. If she's comfortable with this, kiss her.

Source by Mark Tay