At home or work front, women have to confront situations where being emotionally intelligent pays off. How do you actually achieve emotional intelligence? Read on for insights.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. By practice

You are initially imperfect about being emotionally intelligent. But you can practice it by taking enough breaths and focusing on them. Then you don't find the necessity to get angry or cry. This is very important at the work front. You might even get a raise or promotion for exhibiting this quality properly.

  1. By keeping yourself cool no matter what

No matter what the situation is or how much chaos it contains, if you train yourself to be cool and think rationally and accordingly take actions, you can actually downsize the problem and discomfort of the situation.

  1. By taking tips from your Man

Men don't usually cry but they do lose their temper at times. You can learn their secrets by asking them how they remain emotionally strong in the face of an overwhelming situation. Take tips from them and act on them.

  1. By following an idol

You have met a person whom you idolize greatly. You like his strength of character and personality. Try to understand how he keeps these qualities at bay and follow him. You need not follow everything about him but learning to be emotionally intelligent by following your idol is worth a dime.

  1. By reading books on self-help that emphasize emotional intelligence

You can get lots of ideas on emotional intelligence by reading a wide variety of self-help books that emphasize on it. Look for bestsellers on Amazon on the topic and invest in yourself. You can also attend summits, webinars and master classes on them and gather full-fledged ideas and insights and apply them to your daily life for best results.

  1. By surfing the web

As always, the web is a vast resource of the stuff you are looking for. Give a few search options on Google to see what you would find. Try several appropriate keywords for good outputs and you are likely to stumble on your topic of interest. You will probably find useful articles or blog posts. Go through them and enjoy reading them but do not forget to put the tips to practical use.

Summing up, these are six good approaches to your journey on learning how to be emotionally intelligent for your highest good and also that of your loved ones.

Source by Rosina S Khan