For every woman, appearance is key when out-and-about, and boobs come in consideration for that ultimate look. Here are tips to help you enhance the appearance of your boobs by making them look bigger.

1. How to choose a bra

Wearing a bra that fits perfectly is paramount at enhancing your bust size. Choosing a quality bra is equally important as it helps a lot in the breast shaping. Push up bras lift the breasts making them look instantly bigger and a water bra adds volume to your breast with a natural feel.

2. How to DIY your bra

You can transform your old bra into something better using a simple DIY technique. At the back of the bra, cut the bottom of the straps, leaving the front straps intact. Tie the straps behind the neck into a halter style. This style creates an illusion of bigger boobs by pulling up more on the boobs and it is an easy and cheap way to create a cleavage.

3. How to wear clothes to accelerate your boobs

You can wear special wraps, or girdles, underneath your clothes, making the waist smaller which makes the chest appear bigger. A slimmer waist brings about a bigger cleavage area and a more appealing boob look. Wearing flattering clothes and the correct bra size makes your boobs look their very best. Wearing clothes with ruffles, or a sparkly neckline embellishment and silhouettes, clinch your waist also highlight your boobs.

4. How to exercise and enhance the chest area

By focusing on working out on the upper pecs can help increase the size of your boobs. You need to be careful with these exercises because they can also contribute to the reduction of the breast. Therefore, use dumbbell chest pressers and pushups when working out the pec deck. A great exercise is to put your arms out at a 90 degree angle and then move your arms together and spread them back out again.

Alternating chest presses, around the worlds, pushing up with alternating shoulder taps, dumbbell chest presses with wrist rotation, dumbbell cross punches, shoulder rounding, plank reaches, chair dips, butterflies and plank walks are some of the workouts you can adopt at enhancing the size of your boobs.

5. How to color your chest area

Wearing light colored and wide stripped tops make your boobs appear bigger. The stripes enhance the curvature of your boobs making them to appear to pop well. Horizontal stripes are known to make your bust look fuller.

6. Other Accessories

You can buy cutlets made of silicone. They add up to one full cup size making your boobs look bigger. The boobs look lifted and they are available in different sexy looks. It is also easy to make your own cutlets if you cannot afford the ready-made ones. You only need tape, a squishy substance like pudding or lotion and two small Ziploc bags. Put the squishy substance into the corner of the Ziploc bag, cut a slit in your bra where the regular padding is located and insert the baggie there as an extra cushion.

You can also try using a sock to enhance the boob size. You can use any sock size, fold them down to about the size of your hand and tuck them on the sides of the boobs, pushing the breast upwards and this will create a more defined cleavage. Accessories with short necklaces with a bigger pendant, like a chained necklace, or pendant, highlight the boobs more and create an illusion of bigger boobs.

7. How to adjust your posture

Having a good posture contributes to a more enhanced boob appearance. It also helps make the boobs look perky, as the boobs rest more naturally and attractively as the chest is lifted. It is important to always stand tall with the shoulders back and stomach in, this ensures that the boobs are facing to the front.

8. Brushing on some bronzer

Brushing on some bronzer is a common technique to make your boobs look bigger. This is using a contouring brush and brushing the bronzer along the natural curves of the breasts. Start with brushing with the cream blended bronzer then the powder bronzer for the ultimate look. The bronzer helps by darkening the area between the boobs and along he curves making them look rounder and bigger.

Cleavage facial helps tighten the skin making it smooth and appealing. It is also available as a home breast kit called the 24-karat gold collagen breast mask. It helps boost the cellular metabolism making the boobs feel firmer and smoother.

9. Using two bras

Layering a couple of bras on top of each other is an easy fix to your boobs looking bigger. The extra bra pushes the boobs further up than the first one.

10. Diet

Eating the right food can help naturally increase the boob size. Choose a diet rich in proteins and estrogen – like peas, chicken, blue berries, fish, eggs and chicken, as these are ideal for increasing boob size. Avoid carbonated drinks, salty foods, junk food and coffee as they affect the growth and appearance of boobs negatively. Avoid smoking as it causes wrinkles.

11. Sleeping style

Women tend to develop wrinkles on their chest when they sleep on their stomach therefore, it is important to always sleep on your back whenever possible. Wearing moisturizers and sunscreen on the chest areas preventing unwanted wrinkles and a sleeping bra is necessary to prevent your breasts from sagging, which is better known as ptosis. Enough sleep is also important as it makes the skin healthy and firm, which will make the boobs perky and youthful.

12. Pinning the bra back

You can pin your bra back with a safety pin or paper clip. Clip both straps together at the back and adjust the straps by sliding the paper clip up or down. With a safety, simply pin the two straps at a desired position, which will enhance your cup size, making your boobs look bigger.

Source by Bob Tom