The world in which we live in is an ever changing place. Everything is changing, from our homes, the buildings we work in and now our clothing. Organic Clothing has become a multi-billion dollar business. Some people have yet to realize this.

What do we mean by organic clothing? Clothes that are made from materials that are grown and not man made are considered to be organic. Materials that are organically grown don't harm the earth, water or the air we breathe. They are considered safe for the eco-system. What's the term used these days – “green”.

What are the benefits of Organic Clothing? The clothing industry tends to pollute more than any other industry. Pesticides are used more often on cotton because it's not a food product. The pesticides have a tendency to pollute the water supply in the nearby towns. While farming organically promotes a clean environment. Organic clothing will contain no harmful materials or dyes.

Where can I buy organic clothing? There is a vast majority of marketers of organic clothing. The big department stores just recently started carrying their own brands of organic clothing. You can find specialty vendors online, they tend to carry the more hard to find items like bamboo towels. Organic clothing does tend to be a bit pricier than traditional clothing. You can buy hangers for your organic clothing made from newspapers. Currently most of your vendors are online. It will be a little while longer before you start seeing them in your local neighborhood.

What are they made of? Even though cotton is very popular, organic clothing is made of a variety of materials. These materials include hemp, wool and bamboo. Organic cotton is not like traditional cotton. Harmful chemicals and pesticides are not used in the process. In fact in order to get the label as being organic there is a strict set of rules that must be adhered to through out the entire process.

Is it comfortable to wear? Most organic clothing are smoother to the touch. Organic cotton is softer, kinder and feels better on the skin than traditional cotton. Bamboo pulp has s smoothness to it very similar to silk. Soy fibers have a smoothness too, very much like cashmere. People who suffer from allergies may find relief with organic clothing.

Today's society is a throwaway society. Here in America we produce more waste than any other country in the world. We like and prefer convenience. We all tend to take the easy way out. But, there is an ever increasing part of our population that is taking the other way. They are going green. The green revolution will not happen overnight, because habits are hard to break. As we start to see these changes taking place, more and more families are starting to revert back to the cloth diapers instead of the disposable version. Many parents are seeking out organic clothing for themselves and their families. These parents should consider dressing their children (and themselves) in organic cotton or hemp.

Source by Andrew W John