Review of the Best razors for Men

There are many different styles and brands of shaving razors. Shaving itself is a routine that men and women around the world complete daily. It's important that you know a little about the different types of razors that are available and the best types of razors according to your personal shaving style. Today, we will explain the different types of razors which include the straight, safety and cartridge razors.

Straight Blades

A straight edge, also known as cut-throat or open razor, is a blade that can be folded into its handle. Until the early years of the twentieth century, straight blades were the standard tools for shaving. This is until the safety blade was made available which offered a safer alternative to the straight edge. Although many other modern shaving methods have been introduced, the straight blade continues to be one of the best for men and even has a following of devoted wet shavers around the world.

Pros of Straight Blades

– Straight blades offer the cheapest method of shaving because there is nothing else to buy after the razor, strop and honing device. The only exception here is the Shavette, which is a straight razor with disposable blades.

– Straight razors are considered the best razors for men because it does offer you one if the closest shaves known to man.

Cons of Straight Blades

– Straight razors come with a steep learning curve and are not forgiving by any means. You can do some damage on your skin if you are not careful with a straight razor which is something people fear when they even consider the straight razor.

– Straight razors have no safety device for protection of the skin. It is often recommended that men and women try shaving with a safety razor before jumping into the straight razor arena.

Double Edge Safety Shavers

Double Edge Safety Razors are considered to be one of the best razors for men. They became popular in the early 1900s, especially because of the safety feature they offer which is referred to as the comb. Instead of a blade exposed directly to the skin, the razor had a safety bar that kept a safe distance between the blade and the skin thereby minimizing razor cuts. Although the safety razor seems to be succeeded by cartridge and electric razors, it is in fact still a very popular shaving tool. due to low costs and classic shaving routines.

Pros of Safety Shavers

– Safety razors are very cheap to maintain because their replacement blades cost pennies compared to dollars with cartridge razors.

– Safety razors are considered one of the best razors for men because they offer one of the closest, cleanest shaves which could only be surpassed by straight razors.

– They are easy to clean and maintain which is why this is a very good durable option.

Cons of Safety Shavers

– They need a little mastering to avoid nicks and cuts. This includes not applying pressure on the razor and the application of a 30 degree blade angle.

Cartridge Shavers

Cartridge shaving razors are the most widespread form of shaving, especially in developed countries. Cartridge razors may be seen as a continued evolution of the safety razor where the blades are not handled directly but rather the cartridge containing the blades are either clipped on to the razor or clipped off it. This arrangement makes cartridge razors safer than the safety razor. Most cartridge razors have triple, quadruple and quintuple blade designs.

Pros of Cartridge Shavers

– Cartridge razors are very user-friendly because of the way they are designed. They include safety features and sometimes flexible heads that adapt to even the most novice shaver's strokes. These safety features and forgiving characteristics of cartridge razors have made them very popular and one of the most used razors for men.

– They can get the job done faster than the other two types of shaving.

Cons of Cartridge Shavers

– The replacement cartridges of cartridge razors are rather expensive when compared to other forms of shaving and this makes certain groups of wet-shavers stay away from cartridge razors.

– Cartridge razors still don't compare to straight razors and DE safety razors when it comes to close and clean shaves. Many report that the multiple blade applications cause irritation to sensitive skin as well.

Popular Cartridge Shavers

Two of the most popular cartridge shavers include the Gillette Mach3 and Fusion shavers. The Mach3 is the most popular of the two and comes with three blades. The Fusion is a newer product and incorporates newer technologies and 5 steel blades. The five blades of the fusion are intended to make it a closer shave by increasing its shaving efficiency but many Mach3 users who tested the Fusion preferred to stick to their older Mach3 shavers.


Picking a single winner from the best razors for men is not easy because people are different and have different shaving styles and habits. Although the straight blade gives the cleanest barber-shop style shave, shaving with a straight blade takes time compared to cartridge shavers.

Source by Sean Mason