Growing up with cancer is rough. However, living cancer-free after treatment can have its challenges as well. The side effects of treatment for cancer can have many side effects.

For me, my energy levels, digestion and heart were all impacted by cancer treatment. Oddly enough, the impact to my heart didn't come until years later. Radiation to the chest and cardio-toxic chemotherapy took its toll. Amazingly though, I've been able to be very active. I've practiced martial arts for years and lifted weights regularly. Personally, I think these two things have made a huge difference in my overall health, for the better.

Also, taking supplements have always been a big part of my lifestyle. Along with diet, I've taken supplements that include Omega 3 fish oil, milk thistle, magnesium and coenzyme Q10, to name a few.

Recently however, I learned about D-Ribose. D-Ribose is simply a sugar that is manufactured by the body. It's the body's most basic form of energy. It can be found in RNA and DNA. D-Ribose is also found in foods that include milk, cheese, eggs, sardines, etc.

One thing that really made me pay attention to D-Ribose was how it can impact the heart, for the better. It's true. The heart does produce enough of the simple sugar to maintain a healthy heart. However, the problem is that hearts that have been through any type of trauma might not be as efficient at producing D-Ribose as a healthy heart.

Studies have shown, that patients with heart disease, who take D-Ribose, have been able to exercise longer without angina. Also, the D-Ribose supplement proved to reduce low density cholesterol (LDL). This is what is also known as the “bad cholesterol”.

Other studies have shown that D-Ribose can increase energy, stamina and strength. Personally, these things sound great to me as a cancer survivor. Energy level has not only been an issue for me, but also for many other cancer survivors that I've spoken too. So with the information that is out there on D-Ribose, and based on the many studies I've read, D-Ribose seems like something that some cancer survivors might be able to benefit from.

As always, it's very important to mention. If you are currently being treated for any medical condition(s) or are taking any medication(s), you should always consult with your physician before taking any kind of supplement or before starting any new workout program.

Source by Elvis Jackson Jr.