With the dawn of the dawn of the 20th century, mankind has leapfrogged and jumped wholeheartedly into the information age. It can be very humbling to witness in our lifetimes, how much technology has empowered mankind to achieve its full potential. It almost feels like the effort of all those strive to make these technologies possible, if we don't leverage them to enrich our lives.

One of these devices is the Fitbit tracker. One of the first to market, adding a lot of credibility to the view of actually being a useful wearable device. It has a slew features, which make it quite an effective little health tracker. To start with the hardware, it's light and the material used makes it comfortable to wear for long hours. The battery life being as long as it is, requiring charging in a few days is quite impressive too.

So how does it actually add value?

The tracker is quite innovative when combined with the complementing application on your smartphone. Listed below are the useful features for health fanatics:

  1. You can log in the food intake with the caloric value of the respective food item
  2. The food caloric intake during the day can be mapped the calories burnt during the da, even without working out.
  3. Along with basic caloric count, it accounts for your daily movements like walking, steps, running distance etc.
  4. Along with the data capture for physical activity, it also attempts to capture your down time.

Needless to say that the gadget is quite effective in capturing valuable information on your daily routine, which it can display in a variety of graphs indicating performance over time.

As impressive as these features are, for the average user, the obvious benefit is what makes the sale. So in order to test the features of the watch and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you can take up the GM diet, week-long challenge. The goal here is to test out the capacity of the watch along with the effectiveness of the diet plan as well. Since this is small duration diet, which prescribes consuming large quantities of raw food items like fruits and vegetables, for the most part, it would easy to track the caloric intake and measure it against the calories burnt during the day. While you are at it, try your hands at light exercise to see how much more your weight loss efforts works when you increase your physical activity. This diet, in any case, is supposed to help you lose up to five kilograms of weight in one week. If you choose to increase the duration, then only attempt the GM diet once a month.

Source by Mohit Prabhakar