Your genes are responsible for your height. However, you can readily adopt a number of methods to grow taller. You can eat a healthier diet and do cardio exercises. You can also sleep longer on a firmer mattress with your back straight. You should definitely take advantage of the most valuable growing taller secrets as well. These methods really work and you should not hesitate to adopt all of them.

You can grow taller and have much longer legs as long as you do kicking exercises. These workouts can readily increase the length of your high and shin bones. You can do kick boxing or one of the most popular martial arts. You can try football if you wish as well. You can also adopt a large number of exercises that you can do at home. There are plenty of kicking routines that are easy and even pleasant to do. You have to exercise every day in order to increase your height sufficiently.

Jumping is essential for increasing your height. You should not hesitate to play as much basketball and/ or volleyball as possible. These sports are fun, so you will certainly enjoy the experience. A lot of people do not know this one of the growing taller secrets, but you can also increase your height if you jump rope. This type of exercise offers a whole lot of other benefits as well.

One of the most extraordinary growing taller secrets is the tickle knee massage. This really works effectively. You have to do it every day for up to ten minutes in order to get the desired results. You should sit down and relax. Then you have to start massaging your keens gently using your fingertips and nails only. You have to get a tickling sensation. In turn, the tissue in your knees will release chemicals that will stimulate your growth.

Source by Cain Marko