A lot of attention has been given to the type of person who sees others as an extension of themselves. In this case, someone won't believe that other people have their own thoughts, feelings, and interests, and are, therefore, individuals.

It will be as though other people have nothing going on within them and are simply there to fulfil their needs. What this will mean is that one will believe that they are entitled to treat them however they want to treat them.

One Function

After all, as far as they are concerned, the sole reason for other people's existence will be to fulfil their needs; nothing more, nothing less. So, in the same way that one wouldn't have to ask any one for permission in order to use their own car, for instance, they won't need to ask another person for permission if they want anything from them.

The only thing that they will need to do is to take what they want from someone, and this may involve using them or it could mean that they will just use something that belongs to them. One is also going to see themselves as the centre of the universe, which will cause them to demand a lot of attention.

All Eyes on Them

One is then going to need to be the centre of attention, no matter where they are or what is going on. They could have the tendency to talk over others and to talk louder than everyone else.

It won't be acceptable for another person to have their own life or to do things without them, either. What will be acceptable is for the people in their life to focus their attention on them and to make them part of everything they do.

An Energy Vampire

One way of looking at this would be to say that someone like this will steal energy from the people around them. The energy that they take will end up being used to keep their ego inflated.

They are not going to be on the same level as other people; no, they will be superior beings. Through being special or different, it will give them the right to behave how they want and to take whatever they want.

A False-Self

Someone like this could have a limit range of emotions, and may typically only experience emotions that are in alignment with their sense of superiority. If their view of themselves is challenged in any way or if another person doesn't respond how they want, they could end up being consumed with rage.

This is likely to be a defence against feeling rejected, helpless, powerless and worthless, amongst other things. Thus, as long as people do what they want and they are able to receive positive feedback, this side shouldn't come out.

The Other Side

What is also spoken about, though not as commonly, is the type of person who usually ends up with people like this. The person above is focused on their own needs and doesn't care about other people's needs; whereas this person doesn't care about their own needs and only cares about others people needs.

Their primary concern is then going to be to do what they can to fulfil other people's needs, overlooking their own. In fact, due to being focused on other people needs, they might not even be aware of their own needs.


One can then come across as though they are only too happy to do what they can to meet other people's needs. Acting as if they are simply an extension of others is then going to be part of who they are.

Neglecting their own needs is going to be what feels comfortable, and this is most likely going to stop them from realising that they are being taken advantage of. Thus, when someone treats them as though they are merely an extension of them, it is not going to stand out.

A Strong Attraction

If someone treated them differently, and focussed on their needs, it probably wouldn't feel right. Yet, when someone ignores ones needs and expects them to focus on their own needs, it is likely to be what feels right.

And, what one could also find is that if they were to end up in a room full of people, they would most likely to be drawn to someone who will ignore their needs. What this will show is that they will have been drawn to someone who is an energetic match.

A Closer Look

What is clear is that one lacks boundaries, they don't value themselves, and they don't feel comfortable with their own needs. Deep down, they might not even realise that they are an individual, as opposed to an extension of others.

Along with this, they could feel as though they are inherently worthless, believing that their needs are not important. Taking all this into account, one is then the perfect candidate for someone who is happy to use others.

Back In Time

What this is likely to show is that one didn't receive the kind of care that they needing during their early years. This would have stopped them for being able to develop a strong sense of self.

Perhaps they were brought up by a caregiver who saw them as an extension of themselves, which would have caused one to be more like a caregiver than a child who needed certain things to be able to grow and develop. As a result of being treated in this way, it would have stopped them from developing boundaries, disconnected them from their needs, and made them believe that their needs were something to be ashamed of.


If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper