If you are seeking to buy fake Coach purses, this will probably not get you an answer but perhaps you may want to find out how to spot imitation Coach purses instead. In fact, if you really want to for the fake purses, this could help you distinguish them as well.

Most trendy and fashionable women in the world would want to own a coach purse. At least one in their wardrobe. This is because Coach is one of the most popular brands when you speak of high fashion for women. There are many leading brands as well but if you speak of handbags, Coach handbags and Coach purses comes to mind. Not only do they add class to your fashion sense, they can so long-lasting that you may not need another purse unless you are among those who keep changing purses year on year.

So how do you differentiate fake Coach purses from the original ones and why? It is not wrong to wear a replica or fake but on items as classy as Coach, you wouldn't want to spoil your image unless of course if you really cannot afford one but still want to look like a million dollars. Lacking in quality, replica Coach handbags and purses are cheaper and anyone can but them. The question is, deep down inside, do you really want to be like everyone else?

Firstly, you can spot these fakeys but checking for their signature fabric. All authentic Coach purses and handbags have a distinct “C” logo on them and from here; you can easily tell if it is not original. Next, you should check out the quality of stitching work done. If it is not original, it shows by the inferior quality of stitching.

Another tell-tale sign is the country in which it is manufactured. Fake Coach purses tend to be made from Asian countries such as Korea though don't be easily fooled if you see the word China somewhere on the bag. These days, China is a haven for outsourcing work and the Coach designers do outsource to them as well hence they will be embossed with a logo that says “Made In China”. This happens only for selected Coach models and you should be aware of that.

If the purse or handbags handles are made of plastic, it is a fake. How about serial numbers? In the past, you can differentiate an authentic Coach purse from a counterfeit one just by checking if they have serial numbers. These days, shoddy manufacturers have been known even to replicate these serial number and pass them as authentic.

At the end of the day, you can still buy fake Coach purses if your budget does not allow you to buy and original one however once you saved up enough money, invest in the original and save yourself the blushes. You'll feel complete once you get your hands on an authentic Coach handbag or purse.


Source by Sofia Saliem