Even if you are a “plus size” woman, you can now enjoy that visit to the mall to find just the right outfit for a special event. In the past you may have had the unhappy experience of discovering that the prom gown or party dress you wanted wasn't stocked in your size. Finally, clothing manufacturers have gotten the message, and you have a new world of style options waiting for you. Nevertheless, you must still take your body type into account if you want to find a dress that makes you look truly terrific.

Plus size women generally come in one of three basic shapes: apple, hourglass, or pear. Apple shaped women carry their weight mostly around their abdomen, and have little different between waist and bust measurements. Pear shaped women carry most of their weight in the hips and thighs, and hourglass shapes distribute the weight about evenly between the bust and hips, and have a larger difference between their bust and waist measurements. Wearing a dress suited to a type that you're not could mean that it's too tight in one place, and way too loose in another.

Remember to go with the size that fits your measurements, and not the number you think you should wear. Manufacturers make clothing so differently that the size number means almost nothing anymore. Consider structured undergarments to smooth out the line of your body under your gown. This will prevent lumps that distort the line of the dress.

Full-figured women have heard for ages wearing black is a must, in order to appear smaller. Black agrees with a portion of us very well, however there are those who yearn to dress in color, and if you are the sole individual in a group dressed in black, you will be more likely to stick out! Throw out your completely black outfits and dress in colors if you desire. It is pointless to attend special occasions resembling a governess. Just don't forget to maintain equilibrium among color choices and analyze them as you build your outfit.

It's a good idea to try on any outfits you are considering before buying them. Make a point to bring the shoes and undergarments you will be wearing with each outfit so you can correctly gauge fit and hemlines. Wearing the wrong bra can completely change your look from a “do” to a “don't.”

Lastly, do not fail to consider visiting the alteration shop. If you encounter a great outfit that does fit quite right, it may just need to be taken in a little bit. The neighborhood seamstress or tailor can make any required changes. Fashions are intended for a nonexistent perfect body. All you need to do is make them fit your body.


Source by Andrea Dilea