Apple claims to be the trendsetter in the realm of technology! Whatever apple puts to practice becomes the benchmark for others to live up to. It's no surprise that Apple's audience reach is continuously expanding. That also means that the competition in the iOS app development of late has been huge. In this article, we'll have a look at the most promising developments in the iPhone's arena.

Swift to get Swifter still…

Swift really is Apple's way of saying that we're going to go a few gears up now. Swift has its own set of frameworks and methodologies that are designed to be much more flexible and user-friendly to work with as compared to its predecessor Objective-C. This has immensely facilitated the iOS app's development process. Developers around the world hadn't even come to terms with all the great features of Swift that Apple had another surprise on offer for them. The Swift 2 recently emerged as all new coding language. It's a step ahead of the earlier Swift 2. We can be sure of one thing, Swift 2 wouldn't be the last technological advancement we've seen from Apple.

Location Tracking Needs Some

Modern-businesses want to have every bit of information about their customers and also potential clients showing interests in their services. Tracking their geographic location holds great relevance if the business has to find out more about their nature and proclivities. Apple relies on its iBeacon technology to get that job done. But it's well known that iBeacons consume a lot of battery power and they also require a huge input of data. Apple would surely be aware of that and we expect the iBeacons technology to either undergo some kind of revamp or a wholesome introduction to a new approach to location tracking.

Enhanced Security

It's been observed that most of the smartphone apps score very low on the security ratings. Most app developers will have taken this as a wake-up call before something adverse happens on a greater scale. We expect iOS app developers to take this issue at the heart of their development and really introduce some high-end security improvements in the newer apps. Providing fully secure environment perhaps remains the last frontier for every expert mobile application development company.

Wearables and IOT era beckons

The wearable and IOT's usage is expected to rise in the near future. Apple already offers stunning wearables such as Apple Watch 2 and other IOT utilities. But there's obviously the sense that more of the same is on its way. We may see this particular area of mobile app development undergo a complete remodeling with more futuristic features. A leading iPhone app development company will stay at the forefront of the newest challenges as the era of wearables draws close.

Cloud Technologies to Shake Things Up

Of the biggest and most awaited development to date perhaps, the cloud technologies would create quite a convulsion in the iOS app development arena. Cloud technology would allow for syncing of apps across multiple devices. This would be a huge step towards offering seamless user-experience. In addition to this, the developers would further have to work on reducing the app's size. These developments might unsettle a few developers, but to offer that surreal and futuristic experience, every iPhone app development company will have to get used to the needs of the moment.

These are the major revelations expected to arrive in the iOS app development arena. Apple promises to offer a more vivid and lively user-experience this time around so there's no wonder the mobile audience will be at their tenterhooks anticipating the arrival of all that's been whispering around in the winds. Challenge for every expert mobile application development company will be to bring that experience to the mobile devices through smart and responsive apps.

Source by Vishal Middha