When purchasing stationary bicycles, you have two basic designs to select from. One style is the recumbent bike, which features a seat with a back and places the pedals more in front of you rather than below you. The other design is made more like the traditional bicycle. If you are looking for a stationary bicycle that is designed more like a traditional bicycle, you might want to consider the LifeCore Fitness 900UB Upright Bike.

The LifeCore Fitness 900UB Upright Bike offers a very lightweight and compact design, weighing only 88 pounds and being 41 inches long and 24 inches wide. It also features a walk-through design, which makes it easy to use in nearly any space. It does have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, however, which means this upright bike might not be the right choice if you are particularly heavy. In addition, despite its adjustable seat and handlebars, it might not be high enough if you are a very tall person.

The display screen, which utilizes LCD technology, provides very sharp and easy to read images. Here, you can monitor your heart rate with the help of the contact heart rate sensors as well as read more about the one of twelve preset programs you have selected. With so many programs to choose from, people of nearly every ability level can find the best one for their needs. The display also provides other helpful information, such as the current time and temperature.

In addition to its compact design, the LifeCore Fitness 900UB Upright Bike is also quite durable. Made with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and scratch resistant coating, it also comes with a five-year warranty when being used for residential purposes and a two year warranty when being used for light commercial purposes.

If you have back problems or are otherwise uncomfortable when riding on a traditional bicycle, you might be better suited with a stationary recumbent bicycle. Otherwise, the LifeCore Fitness 900UB Upright Bike is a good choice for most people.


Source by Brandon Larsen