During my research about 64 and 32 bit operating system I found many people confused about what computer they should purchase or what “bit” system they should choose…I think this article is a great help for people to choose the correct machine for their use.

So, what is the difference between 32 and 64 bit operating system?

A 32 bit processor is faster than a 64 bit processor, 64 bit processors are very commonly used that you can find it easily in any home pc but the main difference is the hardware you are having on your machine. For 32 bits there isn't any need of any wide main bus to carry 32 bits at a time but for 64 bits its must that you should have a wider bus to carry 64bits.

The main difference between a 32 bit and 64 is that 32 bit system has 4gb(gigabytes) of space for addressing means that the 32 bit system has a limit of 4GB RAM to process data where as the 64 bit operating system has 2^64 bits of space to address and supports 16 hexabytes of RAM to process data.

In simple words an operating system of 32 bit has a 4GB limit to process any data depending upon the sizes of files and RAM

A person who does not care about the category will find 64 bit more beneficial than 32 bit because he can use 64 bit OS with 32 bit OS and software. If we compare 64 bit with 32 bit OS, 64 bit is faster and performs more upgraded silicon processes and have more no of transistors which proves it to be more advantageous than 32 bit.

Now most of the software companies are developing their software in accordance to the 64 bit environment, it's really hard for the consumers to run a 64 bit application in 32 bit environment, in this case they have to upgrade their hardware's such as RAM which is also a big issue because most of the computer users have less than 1Gb in their systems.

So instead of changing your hardware often I would recommend 32 bit OS over 64 bit which is more user friendly and enables its user to run applications of 64 bit in 32 bit environment.

Source by Mark Neil