Working really hard does not guarantee you success in affiliate marketing. If success is easily achieved with just working hard, then the world would be full of rich successful marketers doing Internet Marketing. A better way would be to learn how to work smart at some of the proven ways other successful marketers have done before you.

Here are 2 smart tips to help you get the basics right so as to make your affiliate marketing business seem much easier, predictable and become more profitable for a change.

1. Know the demand

Sometimes people tend to rush into some new online opportunities just because some other people are making good money. A good example would be the micro niche products in which it is no secret that many people have found great success doing. Unfortunately these marketers did everything right except finding out if there was good demand for these niche products. The truth is that you can rank on Google's number one position for your website and still not make a single cent, if nobody demands your product in your niche.

2. Traffic Generation Strategy

Always try to diversify your traffic generation sources since there are many of them who can yield very good results. Use as many different methods of attracting your visitors to your website as you can think of that works instead of just your favorite one. The online world has proven countless times, what works today may not always work after some time and you have to stay abreast of such peculiarities of traffic generation.

Source by Peter HC Lee