Blue fox fur coats are sensitive and require special care if you want to keep them in excellent condition for many years. Storage and cleaning of the coat is very important. There are many factors that play a crucial role in keeping a blue fox fur coat wearable and in good shape.

Keep the fur coat on a hanger in a closet that is not exposed to direct sunlight. The humidity in the closet must be minimum. The temperature in the closet must not fluctuate. During the summer you may consider storing the coat in a professional vault. Never put a fox fur coat in a synthetic or garment bag. Ventilation is important and without it, the skins will dry out.

Spray perfume before wearing the coat. The alcohol of the perfume will dehydrate your garment. Do not wear shoulder bags because they exert pressure on the hair and eventually you will experience bald spots in your coat.

If your coat is exposed to rain or snow, always shake it. Then let it dry naturally and avoid heating sources. You may wear it only after it is completely dry. In case it is soaked into water you must send it directly to a professional furrier. The lining will be removed and the skins will dry naturally. Then special oils will be applied to the skin. If the damage is too big, the furrier will consider removing a few pelts and replace them with new ones. This may increase the repair cost.

Never wear your fox fur coat when you are travelling by car, plane or train. This will make the fur to flatten out. Use alternative ways to keep yourself warm. Make sure that your fur is kept way from the vehicle's heating source.

Do not put bulky objects in the pockets. It is a conspicuous spot and goes under significant strain during time. If the fur wears out in that spot, everyone will be able to see. Always check the hooks and loops for rust and have them replaced by a seamstress if necessary.

Have your precious garment professionally cleaned once a year. This cleaning must be performed by a fur specialist. During the cleaning process, chemical compounds and irritants that are harmful for the coat, will be removed. Finally it will be glazed so that its softness is restored.

Have your coat appraised by a professional furrier. Make sure you get this appraisal in written form. Then insure your coat against damage and theft.

Source by Dimitris Zagoudinos