Grooming Your Eyebrows for a Better Appearance

A unibrow or mono-brow is the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows so that the eyebrows seem to join above the nose to form one long eyebrow. In Western culture, the growth of such facial hair is seen as having a lack of grooming, as if embracing a “primitive” appearance. Unibrow separation is the only form of eyebrow grooming for men. Among women, the space between the brows is plucked or treated with electrolysis or other forms of depilation.

The way your eyebrows are groomed can make a considerable difference in your appearance as your eyebrows help shape your eyes and give you character. It is important to keep your eyebrows trimmed and well groomed. Bushy eyebrows require ongoing care and attention. Still everyone needs some kind of maintenance of his or her eyebrows. Good grooming tips are needed by men and women, as well.

Never shave your eyebrows as a quick fix. When your eyebrows start growing back, they will require constant maintenance. The continuous need for grooming will be obvious. Eyebrows require their own special care. Use your razor for grooming your beard.

It is not a good idea to use depilatories within the eye area. It is easy to irritate the skin and cause unwanted injuries. With depilatories, your hairs will grow back quicker than with waxing or tweezing. Your eyes are precious and delicate. Do not risk the safety of your eyes.

There are many kits on the market for waxing your eyebrows. With step-by-step instructions the process seems simple. It is best to have a professional wax your eyebrows, but if you decide to do it at home, have a professional do it the first time. Watch carefully to see how it is done and be prepared for temporary discomfort and pain.

Trimming Your Eyebrows

For those who have thin eyebrows, a small pair of scissors may suffice to trim away the stray hairs. Grooming and trimming of eyebrows is best done under bright light.

Select an area to give attention. Then trim your eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Work slowing, with care. Hairs trimmed too short will stick out in silly fashion. With a few days of careful trimming you will know if you are on the right track.

Plucking Away Stray Eyebrow Hairs

Besides waxing, tweezing is still the most efficient method for removing eyebrow hairs. If you need to pluck your eyebrows, keep a clean pair of tweezers handy for this purpose.

Keep your tweezers store in a safe and sanitary place. Don't let anyone use it. Some men may want to use a tweezers to clean their fingernails. This is unsanitary and it makes the tweezers less effective. If you allow such use of your tweezers, prepare to buy a new pair when the ends do not meet properly to grab the hairs.

Begin tweezing with moistened eyebrows. Tweezing after a shower is ideal, but soaking your brow area with a warm washcloth for several minutes will give the same effect. Comb your eyebrows in the direction of their growth and let them fall naturally in place.

Decide which areas need thinning. Then tweeze your eyebrows in the directions of hair growth. For an even look, start underneath, from inside, out. Pull each hair out, one by one, to avoid mistakes. Be careful, some hairs may not grow back!

When you tweeze the center of your eyebrows, look carefully to make sure you don't get them too far apart. You can always go back later and remove additional hairs, if you need more space.

Do not pluck too many hairs from the top of your brow. Target obvious stray hairs and thin them out a little. Start from the center, then outwards.

Source by Gregg Hall