Its exhausting, isn't it?

Waking up, doing the routine

You've done well. In just 2 years, you've dropped over 60 pounds.

That's not bad.

There is only one slight snag…

The adventure of life has gone!

Everything seems boring now. It has been for some time.

You want that spice back. Whether it is a new holiday, or buying those new clothes.

Instead, you find yourself waking up, half groggy, and going straight to your kitchen.

There, you will create a quick, protein rich smoothie, and even add a bit of collagen in it (for good measure).

You will slosh it down, and hit the light weights. You've worked hard for this body, you are not going to give it up easily!

But the excitement of life has gone. This routine has sucked the soul out of you.

You justify to yourself, that if you want to keep the wight off, this is what it is going to take!

The only problem?

It feels hollow. The thoughts cross your mind, but there is no spark in them.

You desperately seek variation. Just something to make you day alive, bright and colourful again.

You want to go on holiday, but can you afford it. At this moment in time, probably not.

You want to go a bit cheaper…

How about those new pair of jeans?

Not likely!

Lets go cheaper still. Lets throw a new diet in our direction. At least food and drink can make you happy again.

You hope so, anyway!

So you go online to search for the quickest diet plan to maintain your healthy weight.

You hope to find clear cut, easy information. Straight to the point. No fluff. All good.

The result?

You may as well try searching for that needle in a haystack. The options are blurry. You lose focus.

The task seems daunting. After all, if you can't even change your diet easily, what really is the point?

The thing about diet is, although not as complex as you think it is, it isn't as simple enough.

If you are among the millions of people who struggle with their weight, you may have had a hard time settling on a weight loss plan that really works.

There are so many different products and plans out there that all claim to offer the best results.

How can you develop a weight loss plan that will finally help you get rid of those extra pounds?

Well, this article may help.

Before we continue…

Source by Oli Dodd