Everyday on the internet we get bombarded with pop ups, spam, fraudsters etc. The internet has become a virtual war zone. This is exactly the reason you should be very weary of people finders that offer 100% free reverse phone search.

Landline telephone numbers are public domain numbers, and can there for be placed in a directory very easily and cheaply. Cell phone numbers on the other hand are private numbers, and because of a recent ban by congress, can not be placed in such a directory by law. This means that access to a full and thorough database of names and telephone numbers is not cheap – so how can a company offer 100% free reverse phone search? Most companies would sell YOUR personal information you have given them upon sign up to third parties so that they can cover these costs! And with all the fraud online today, the last thing that you want is your personal details floating around from one fraudster to the next!

The best way to keep yourself safe while using online people finders is to simply use a reputable paid service. Most of these services do not even cost that much and are very affordable, even to the average person on the street. Is it worth risking it all for the sake of $5 – $20? I certainly don't think so!

As a general rule of thumb when using any reputable people search engine – The more information you require the more money it's going to cost you.

So keep yourself safe, pay a little money and get the information you need.

Source by Joe Slovo