Are you still standing in a long queue to get the doctor's appointment? Well, things have changed a lot in the last year after the pandemic breakout. The need to maintain distance and stay at home, as much as possible, has completely changed the healthcare system. Within one year many online doctor appointment solutions have been introduced to ease the process of healthcare and treatment.

Now, from the comfort of the home, a patient can book the doctor appointment and moreover can get the consultancy on the phone. The Practo Clone App is improving the quality of the healthcare system and providing maximum comfort for the doctor's consultancy.

Healthcare and medicine is an evergreen industry. This is the right time to start your own online doctor appointment and consultancy business.

Follow the write-up to know more about the features and steps to kick start Practo like doctor appointment solutions:

Steps to be followed while creating Practo clone app

Building a successful app in this world of competition is quite challenging. To build a Practo-like doctor appointment solution, a company must hire professional developers, with years of experience to avoid any glitch.

Make sure, the development company you have hired is following all the steps to Online Doctor Appointment Solution.

1. Research A lot

It is better to know something about the doctor appointment solution market than nothing. Conduct market research, study the beginning stories of such applications, and those who are struggling to set up their market help you a lot in building your own product. What's better than learning from your own mistakes, while doing research on white label appointment solutions?

  • Study the competitors closely
  • Analyze the pros and cons
  • Don't waste opportunities
  • Look out the requirements of patients

2. Make Strategy

After doing research, make a strategy to execute the plan of building a Practo like clone app.

This is the second step, where you decide the features, technology, and language used to design Uber-like Healthcare. One needs to consider many factors while building an app like – type of the platforms it will be operating on, type of technology used, demographics, services, etc.

Make sure you are keeping the encryption system of the app very strong. As, on the on-demand doctor appointment solution, the personal and medical information of the patients will be shared. These small features improve the solution quality.

3. Designing

Designing and prototyping the doctor appointment solution is quite challenging. It is better if you have a picture in your mind of the exact visual of the app. Otherwise, you can take the assistance of experts like RGI to decide which type of UI will be the best for appointments and healthcare.

  • Decide the color, pattern, theme, and other visuals
  • Design a user interface
  • Make sure that the app/website has easy to navigate landing pages
  • Tune it as per the operating systems (Android or iOS or Windows)

4. Testing

Testing is an important procedure for providing the best user experience at the end. Let your patients, doctors, and all the users; use the application to find the errors and things that can be changed or added for better usage. Take the user's feedback seriously and develop accordingly because it is all about “user experience”.

Testing is the procedure where the product is tested under extreme load and conditions to check its stability and possibility of survival in real-life cases.

5. Setup to launch

After testing the on-demand doctor appointment solution, multiple times; you are finally ready to launch the app. But launching an app is not enough.

Maintaining and updating the app regularly is important. Add new features regularly and remove the glitches and bugs to provide a rich user experience to the customers/patients. Offer liberty to all your patients by keeping the white label appointment solution customizable.

Basic features of Practo like Solution

To build an on-demand Doctor Appointment Solution, few basic features are required to make it a success:

  1. Patients

There are many basic features that make the on-demand doctor appointment solution easy to use:

  • Consultation Suggestion – It is not the same as taking consultation from a doctor. The app asks a few questions regarding the health issues a patient is facing. By answering these questions and sharing your symptoms, you get multiple suggestions to consult doctors. It is a pre-framed question that can be answered either by choosing from multiple options or selecting yes or no.
  • Online Consultation – Patients can reach out to the listed doctors on the application during a medical emergency. There is also a teleconsultation option available where the doctors, themselves contact the patients and provide prescriptions.
  • Search – An open search option that can be used by patients directly to search the doctor nearby his/her locality or a specialist for the specific medical condition. The Uber for healthcare option will suggest you the best doctors for treatment.
  • Articles – Health-related articles are published on the app continuously by professionals. It covers almost all topics like lifestyle disease, daily life struggles, etc. These articles educate people about different health problems, symptoms, stages, and possible solutions.
  • Buying Medicines – Just like ordering food or grocery online, you can order medicines too. These Practo Clone Apps keep transparency and ask for bills or prescriptions before selling medicines. It eliminates the chances of illegal buyers or people who are taking it for fun.
  1. Doctors

Management of consultation in a week and daily appointments, make it the perfect on-demand doctor appointment solution.

Doctors can keep the track of the medical history of any regular patient by checking his/her profile.

Doctors can create their profiles on the Practo Clone App. They need to provide information like experience, history, reviews, education, and more.

Moreover, using the white label appointment solution, doctors can send the signed prescription to their patient's phone for authenticity.

  1. List of Clinics and Hospitals

Patients can even use the Practo Clone App to find the best hospitals and clinics. Hospitals can give their advertisements.

The hospital can install the appointment software and maintain the patient's record.


The world is changing, so is our way of dealing with the mid-life crisis. Now, taking doctor's appointments is not stressful anymore. All you need to purchase the on-demand doctor solution from expert. Let this pre-build solution help you to provide the reliving healthcare and treatment experience to all the patients.

Source by Anurag G.