The Misfit Shine comes in a wide variety of colors and is one of a popular line of activity trackers known as health wearables. You may also have heard them referred to as biometric trackers or wearable tech, and they attract both technology geeks and fitness freaks. What exactly is the Misfit Shine? It is a uniquely styled activity and sleep monitor that looks like a watch with no face.

The fitness, activity and sleep tracking sensor contacts your skin as this product is worn as an everyday watch. However, the intelligent device does not display the time of day, and rather employs 12 tiny lights positioned where you would usually see numbers on a watch face to track several health metrics. Whether you are playing basketball, swimming or cycling, the work your body does is monitored and recorded.

The halo of lights indicates your activity level according to whether they light up or stay dormant. This allows you to quickly take a glance at your wrist to see exactly how active you have been. Fitness trackers worn on the wrist in a watch or wristband style have been around for some time. And while they all basically function the same way, the Misfit Shine activity and sleep monitor definitely brings some elegant style to a product lineup which usually is anything but fashionable.

With most biometric trackers offered only in black, users do not always feel like wearing their tracker in every situation. That is exactly why Misfit Wearables created the Shine in your choice of 8 different colors. If you are stepping out on the town for a night of dancing, the deep iridescent blue Storm color is perfect for the occasion. Topaz, Grey and Black options are more muted and understated, while Champagne, Coral, Sea Glass and Wine color options deliver unique looks.

The battery which powers this smart and stylish health tracker lasts up to 6 months and is an inexpensive CR2 button cell variety which can be purchased at any electronics store. While some help trackers are bulky and call attention to themselves, the Misfit Shine weighs just 6 ounces.

“Quantified selfer” is the recently new moniker given to technologically minded individuals who seek to track their every movement and action. They then use this information to create a healthier lifestyle. But this marriage of technology and health does not always take into account elegance or style. That is where the Misfit Shine really does shine.

Women can use the clip which comes with the Shine to where the device as a pendant, or for discrete operation when attached to an undergarment. Men can use that same clip to snap the Shine to the waistband of a pair of running shorts, a pair of shoes or a T-shirt, and begin tracking activity levels.

Another advancement of the Misfit Shine Is the ability to monitor your activity level when you are playing soccer or tennis, swimming or exercising. Many health tracking wearables simply monitor the number of steps you take. Lateral movement and biking usually means that those inferior trackers do not deliver accurate data, and this is where this particular device does a great job.

Since you are healthier when you sleep properly, the Misfit Shine smartly tracks your sleeping patterns. You can set goals and alarms which aid you in getting a good night's rest, and all of your important biometric information can be stored for up to 30 days before you use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity option to download your health and fitness data.

As smart shoes, intelligent watches and headbands, and even biometric tracking clothing, hit the marketplace, quantified selfers will be looking to expand the ways they monitor, record and improve their health and fitness levels. The Misfit Shine handles the job while also offering fashion and elegance, something not usually found in this line of products.

Source by J Russell Hart